ccPal Store - PayPals, CCs, CVV2s, Ebay accounts

We are the ccPal hackers group. We got more accounts than we can ever sell from old hacks and phishing. And we also get huge new lists every few days so get them while supply lasts and prices are cheap!
All lists are totally random, some paypals or CCs will have 0 balance, some will have $5000 balance or more. We don't have the time to check them all before we sell them.
80%+ working guarantee, we will replace if more than 20% don't work!

100 PayPal accounts100 USD = 0.01151 ฿
100 Ebay accounts100 USD = 0.01151 ฿
100 CCs with CVV2150 USD = 0.01727 ฿